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CF6 : Mortgage advice


The CII's CF6 exam is the final exam required to achieve the Certificate in Mortgage Advice.  It is a 3-hour paper with 100 multiple choice questions plus 5 case studies each consisting of 5 questions.  The pass mark is 70%. 

The exam syllabus covers the house buying process from offer through to completion plus details of all the parties involved, the types of borrower and their varying needs, the types of mortgage product available, repayment options and suitability for each client, as well as the legislative and regulatory position of mortgages and the requirements of a mortgage adviser.

We provide a number of learning resources and materials for the CF6 exam listed below.  Simply click on any item you are interested in to find out further information.

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CII CF1 Exam

Mock Exam Papers

Free CF6 mock questions including a case study, plus 3 full sets of 125 questions including 5 case studies to purchase.  Our answers include cross references to the CII study text (excluding case studies)These are written by Brand Financial Training in the same style as the CII's papers, but they are not duplicates of the CII's mock papers.

"After searching the internet for a training company that provides suitable and sufficient training material/mock exam papers for the CII exams, I found Brand Financial Training to be the best in terms of service and cost.  Brand Financial Training have been extremely helpful and I passed my CF6 first time!  They offered a wide range of mock exam questions which I found very useful.  The customer support level is fantastic and I had a quick telephone response from them with a few queries that I had.  I would definitely recommend them to anyone that is planning to sit the CII exams."

Christine Lau, Practice Manager/Investment Analyst, VWM, UK



Calculation Workbook

Focussing on the calculations within the exam, the calcluation workbook provides over 50 pages of calculation questions and provides full step-by-step answers covering the CF6 syllabus including two extended case studies.

"...thank you for all the advice you've given me, I really appreciate it. The calculation workbook really did help; it made the case studies a lot easier to understand."

Nick Hill

Pass Exams Easily

Pass Exams Easily

Our 'Pass Exams Easily' kit written by Genius Material shows you - step by step - exactly how to revise so that you retain 80% and more, by spending less time studying. It includes ebook, video and audio MP3. Suitable for all exams.

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